About Us

In 2015 I launched IBT Designs, an online company that specializes in designing items that makes a lasting impression. While some might find it strange with me saying this; I was my very first customer. Yes, it is true. I am the one customer that requires quality and professionalism each time. So, if I did not get anybody’s order right, my first client’s order had to be right. And I am so serious. I already had a Cricut Machine, so I just needed to do some self-taught research on YouTube and just like that I completed my first order.

Before I knew it, I went from one shirt to fifteen. I customized shirts for my family’s cruise. Before the cruise was over, I had exchanged information with several guest to do shirts for their next family event and the rest is history. Fast forwarding to 2020; the pandemic year. COVID-19 took so much from so many in such a quick time. What we thought was a brief 3 weeks, turned into 3 months, then 6 months, now we are in 2021. We were delt with countless restrictions and cancelations of weddings, special events, birthday parties, proms, and most importantly graduations. That pivotal moment where you yearn to hear the famous Pomp and Circumstance tune.

Like many schools across the country graduations were canceled leaving students feeling lost, hopeless, and unaccomplished. Of course, we know they finished and did a great job. But it’s something about walking across the stage the seals the deal. Students and their families had to find creative ways to celebrate the graduate. Many had mock graduation ceremonies, graduation parades and photo shoots to commemorate the great accomplishment. That is where IBT Designs stepped in with our personalized graduation stoles.

What started off as an accessory for my family’s photoshoot turned into multiple requests to help celebrate the graduate. Now we find ourselves serving not only the Chicagoland area but clients on the West Cost. These personalized keepsakes can be customized with photos, phrases, sayings, nicknames, etc. Let us create a design for you that will leave a lasting impression.